Troika - Russia

Trio Dance with groups of three like spokes of a wheel, arms in V-Position. Meter 2/4. The trios can be any gender combination. Originally the dance was for a man and two women.

Note: For convenience sake, the dance will be described as though done by a man in the center with women on either side. The women will be described as Right Hand Woman (RHW) and Left Hand Women (LHW). Unless otherwise indicated, all three do the same steps.

Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-2 Run forward on R foot (1), run forward on L foot (&), run forward on R foot (2), run forward on L foot (&). [This step is frequently done in in an exaggerated scissors style. The legs stay straight and the free leg goes up about 45 degrees.]
2-4 Repeat measure 1 three more times.
Part II
1 1-2 M and LHW raise arms to make an arch. RHW start running through arch on R foot (1), continue running through arch (&), continue running (2), continue running (&). As RHW goes through arch, M starts turning under raised arms as RHW pulls him through.
2 1-2 RHW continues to R back to her original place as M continues to turn.
3-4 Repeat measures 3-4, except M and RHW raise arms to form arch, and LHW goes through arch.
Part III
1 1-2 (Grapevine step to L) Each trio forms a small circle. Facing center, step on R foot across L foot (1), step on L to L (2), step on R foot behind L foot (3), step on L foot to L (4).
2-3 Repeat measure 1 two more times.
4 1-2 Stamp on R foot in place, taking weight (1), stamp on L foot in place, taking weight (&), stamp on R foot in place, taking weight (2), hold (&).
5-7 Repeat measures 1-3 in opposite direction with opposite footwork.
8 Repeat the stamps with weight of measure 4, but while doing them unfold the circle to get back into original position. This dance can also be done as a mixer in which case the M should run forward to the next trio during this measure.

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