Line dance, arms are in W-Position for Part I, V-Position for Part II. Meter 2/4

Count Step
Part I
1-2 Facing right, take 2 steps, R L.
3-4 Facing center step on R foot to right, touch L foot near R foot.
5-6 Step on L foot to left, Touch R foot near L foot.
7-54 Repeat counts 1-6 eight times.
55-56 Repeat counts 3-4.
57-112 Repeat counts 1-56 with opposite footwork in opposite direction.
Repeat Part I until music speeds up.
Part II
1-2 Facing R, take 2 running steps, R L.
3-4 Turning towards center, step on R foot (3), Step on L foot next to R foot (&), Step on R foot in place (4).
5-6 Repeat counts 3-4 with opposite footwork.

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Revised March 23, 2002