Sandansko Horo - Bulgaria

Introduced by Yves Moreau

Line dance, arms in V-position. Meter 22/16 (counted as Q-Q-Q-S Q-Q-Q-S Q-Q

This dance is from the area around the town of Sandanski in Pirin in the Southeast corner of Bulgaria (see map).

1 QQQS Facing slightly R of center, make a small hop on L (Q), step on R in Line of Direction (LOD) (Q), make a small leap onto L foot right behind R foot (Q), step in LOD onto R foot
QQQS Repeat first pattern with opposite footwork
QQ Make a small leap onto R foot in LOD (Q), step onto L foot in L of direction (Q)
2 QQQS Make 3 hops on L, gradually turning to face Reverse Line of Direction (RLOD) as you do so (QQQ), step on R in RLOD (S)
QQQS Moving in RLOD make small leap onto L (Q), step onto R (Q), small leap onto L (Q), step onto R (S)
QQ Facing center, make a small hop onto R foot (Q), step back on L foot while turning to face LOD (Q)

A video of Yves Moreau demonstrating this dance and a cassette of the music are available from Bourque-Moreau Productions (Bulgarian Folk Dances - Volume 1)

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