Les Saluts - Canada

Open circle, arms in V-position. Meter 4/4

Measure Count Step
1 1-4 Facing LOD, walk forward on R foot(1), walk forward on L foot(2), walk forward on R foot(3), walk forward on L foot(4).
2-4 Repeat measure 1 three times. At end of measure 4, turn to face RLOD.
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4 in opposite direction. At end of measure 8, turn to face center of circle.
9 Repeat measure 1 walking towards center of circle.
10 Walk backwards on R foot (1), walk backwards on L foot (2), walk backwards on R foot (3), walk backwards on L foot (4).
11 Walk forward on R foot (1), walk forward on L foot (2), walk forward on R foot (3), bow (4) (hold bow while long note is being played).
12 Repeat measure 10.
This dance can also be done as a couple dance, with the couples in a circle, W on R. If this is done, the W should curtsey instead of bow, and both M and W should bow or curtsey towards their partner.

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