Polonez - Poland

Couples in a double circle facing LOD. M to the L of, and slightly behind the W. L hands are joined and extended forward at about shoulder height. M R arm is extended out behind W shoulder, but not touching it. W R hand is holding skirt at side. Meter 3/4.

Measure Count Step
1 1-3 Step forward on R foot (1), step forward on L foot (2), step forward on R foot with a slight bend of the knee, while brushing the L foot forward.
2 Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork.
3 Repeat measure 1.
4 W repeat measure 2. M repeat measure 2, but stepping backwards towards center of circle. At the end of the measure, M should be facing RLOD and W should be facing LOD.
5 Repeat measure 1.
6 1-3 Step forward on L foot (1), step forward on R foot (2), Point L toe and shoulder at partner (3). At this point, partners should have changed places so that M faces LOD and W faces RLOD.
7 M repeats measure 1, crossing in front of W. W takes three steps to turn to R backing under joined hands, and ending facing LOD.
8 1-3 Step on R foot in place (1), step on L foot in place (2), stamp R foot next to L foot without taking weight (3).

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