Polka zu Dreien - Germany

Trio dance, arms in V-position. Meter 4/4

Measure Count Step
1 1-4 Facing center, touch R heel forward, (1), touch R toe in front of L (2) step forward on R foot (3), close L foot to R foot (&), step forward on R foot (4).
2 Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2. At end of measure four, everyone turns individually to face opposite direction.
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4. At end of measure 8, each trio makes a right hand star. Hop on L foot to start a polka step (&)
Part II
1 1-7 Run forward onto R foot (1), close L foot to R foot (&), run forward onto R foot (2), hop (&) run forward onto L foot (3), close L foot to R foot (&), run forward onto L foot (4), hop (&).
2-4 Repeat measure 1 three times. On the last hop, turn to face opposite direction and make a L hand star
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4 going in opposite direction. On the last hop, open up the circle and face LOD.
Part II
1-8 Part II is the same as Part I, except that arms are held in V-position instead of a star.

The sequence of the dance is Chorus, Part I, Chorus, Part II. This is all repeated until the music ends.

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