Pajduško (4-3-2-1 Pajduško) - Bulgaria

Line dance, V-position, meter 5/4.counted as QS where Q = 2 beats and S = 3 beats.

Measure Count Step
1 QS Facing to the R, hop on L foot (Q), step forward on R foot.
2 QS Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork.
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2. At the end of measure 4, turn to face center.
5 QS Step on R foot across L foot.
6-7 Repeat measure 5 two times.
8 QS Hop on L foot (Q), step back on R foot (S).
9 Repeat measure 8 with opposite footwork.
10 QS Step on R foot in front of L foot (Q), step on L foot in place and turn to face to the R (S)

Bob Shapiro
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