Mayim - Israel

Possibly choreographed by Elsie Dublin - 1937

Circle dance, hands in V-Position. Meter 4/4

Count Step
Part I
1-4 Facing center, step R foot across L foot, step on L foot to L, step on R foot behind L foot, Step on L foot to L
5-16 Repeat counts 1-4 three times
Part II
1-4 Run four steps forward, R L R L. During these four steps, raise arms
5 Step back on R foot and clap hands. (This is how I learned the dance. Originally, however, there was no clap, and a lot of groups do not do one).
6-8 Take three more steps backwards, L R L
9-16 Repeat counts 1-8
Part III
1-4 Facing left, run four steps forward, R L R L
5-6 Facing center, hop on L foot, touching R toe in front, Hop on L foot, touching R to side
7-10 Repeat counts 5-6 two times
11-12 Hop on L foot, touching R toe in front, Leap onto R foot to right
13-20 Repeat counts 5-12 with opposite footwork and clapping hands on counts 13, 15, 17, 19 of each measure. (Some people also turn while doing counts 13-20).
Note: This is the way I learned the dance. I have seen counts 5-20 of Part III done with all possible variations of which foot you hop on first and whether you start touching the other foot in front or to the side. As long as you don't kick anybody else while doing the step, it probably doesn't matter very much.

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