Devojke Mari Hubava - Bulgaria

Introduced by Yves Moreau

Open circle, arms in W-position. Meter 2/4. The dance is done in phrases of 5 slow beats, and will be notated that way.

Beat Step
Part I
1 Facing slightly R of center, take two steps forward.
2 Step forward on R foot.
3 Step forward on L foot, then bend R knee to lift lower L leg slightly backwards.
4 Step on R foot to R, leaning slightly to R
5 Step backwards on L foot.
11-30 Repeat beats 1-5 five times.
Part II
1 Facing and moving diagonally R, take two steps forward starting on R foot.
2 Step forward on R foot
3 Step forward on L foot then pivot to face diagonally L
4 Facing and moving diagonally L, take two steps backwards starting on R foot
5 Step backwards on R foot.
6-10 Repeat beats 1-5 with opposite footwork and direction.
11-20 Repeat beats 1-10.

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