Ma Navu - Israel

Choreographed by Raya Spivak - 1975

Circle dance, hands in V-Position. Meter 4/4

Count Step
Part I
1-4 Facing center, touch R toe forward, hold, touch R toe to side, hold
5-8 Step back on R foot, close L foot to R foot, step forward onto R foot rising onto both toes, hold
9-12 Sway back on L foot, hold, sway forward on R foot, rising onto both toes, hold
13-16 Step on L foot in place, close R foot to L foot, lifting onto toes, put heels down, hold
17-32 Repeat counts 1-16 with opposite footwork and direction
Part II
1-4 Facing center, step on R foot to right, Step slightly back on L foot, Step R foot across L foot, Pivot on R foot to face right
5-8 Step forward on L foot, Close R foot to L foot, Step on L foot, Pivot on L foot to face center
9-32 Repeat measures 1-2 three times

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