Mari Mariko - Bulgaria

Open circle, V-position, meter 4/4.

Measure Count Step
1 1-4 Facing to the R, step forward on R foot (1), step forward on L foot (2), step forward on R foot (3), step forward on L foot, and turn to face center (4).
2 1-4 step on R foot to R (1), flex R knee (2), step on L foot to L (2), flex (&).
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction.
5 1-2 Step towards center of circle on R foot (1), tuck back or L foot against instep of R foot (2).
6 1-2 Chug backwards on both feet (1), step on L foot next to R foot, with toes to gether and heels out (&), click heels (2), hold (&)
7-8 Repeat measures 5-6

Note: The last four measures have several variants depending on who taught the dance. See Houston, Ron - Folk Dance Problem Solver 1997 or Weikart, Phyllis S. - Teaching Folk Dance: Successful Steps

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