Lyrics for Eretz Yisrael Yaffa

Written by Dudu Barak

Na'arah tova yefat einayim A kind and beautiful girl
Lanu yesh b'eretz Yisrael We have in the Land of Israel
Veyeled tov Yerushalayim A good boy, Jerusalem
Ho mi pilel, umi milel Who would have thought or said it?
Vetorah orah kazo yesh lanu And we have a glowing torah
Vegam hagadah ve megilah And also a hagadah and a megillah
Ve'elohim echad shelanu And our one G_d
Vekol chatan vekol kala And the voice of a groom and a bride.
Eretz Yisrael Yaffa Israel is beautiful
Eretz Yisrael porachat Israel is blooming
At yoshva ba vetsofah You sit and watch
At tsofah ba vezorachat You watch and you shine
Lanu yesh achai harim alpayim We have, my brother, two thousand mountains
Ma na'avu raglay hamivaser Pleasant are the steps of the messenger on them
Vechasid ba'ir hazo yesh lanu And we have a Hasid in this city.
Vegam chalayot ve gam perachim And also soldiers and flowers
Vehabrachot kulan shelanu And all the blessings are ours
Vehabsorot vehashvachim And the tidings and the gains
Veha'amek hu caftor veperach And the valley is tip-top
Vehahar hu perach vecaftor And the mountain is tip-top
Vehatsafon shelagim vekarach And the North is snow and ice
Ve hadrom zahav tahor And the South is pure gold.
Kol hapardesim notnim can reyach All the orange grove give off their odor
vehashkediyot kulan porchot And all the almond trees are in bloom
hashemesh can tamid zoreach The sun is always shining here
Al mei togah umenuchot Over the waters of grief and resting places
Gam lapirchachim asher beineinu Even for the roughnecks who are among us
Yesh makom be'eretz Yisrael There is a place in Israel
Min hatzarot shelah aleinu From the troubles upon us
Atah verak atah go'el You and only you will free us
Bechachol lavan munaph hadegel In blue and white the flag waves
Velirushalayim kol shirai And for Jerusalem are all my songs
Anachnu shuv olim leregel We will return on a pilgrimage
Ho, shiri; "Am Yisrael Chai" And my song; "Am Yisrael Chai"

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Copyright © 2002, Robert B. Shapiro