Lepa Moja Milena - Croatia

Circle dance, arms in V-Position. Meter 2/4

Count Step
Part I
1-2 Facing L, step forward on L, Step forward on R
3-16 Repeat counts 1-2 seven times. At the end of count 16, pivot and face R
17-32 Repeat counts 1-16 in opposite direction. At the end of count 32, turn to face center and raise hands to W-Position.
Part II
1-2 Facing center, step on L foot to L, Close R foot to L foot
3-4 Step on L foot to L, Touch R foot next to L foot
5-8 Repeat counts 1-4 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction
9-48 Repeat counts 1-8 five times
Repeat parts I and II two more times.
Part III
1-2 Facing right, put hands on hip, step on R forward, close L to R, step on R
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction.
5-16 Repeat counts 1-4 three times
17-22 Facing center, shake
23-24 Bounce twice
25-32 Repeat counts 17-24
Repeat part III until the music ends

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