Korobushka - Russian?

This is the version currently being done at most groups.

Circle of couples, man facing out, woman facing in. Meter 2/4

Measure Count Step
1 1-2 Holding both hands, man goes forward starting on L foor, woman goes backward starting on R foot with 3 steps and a hop (1&2&)
2 Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork and direction
3 Repeat measure 1
4 1-2 Hop on same foot again (man's L, woman's R) 3 times. On first hop, touch free foot forward, on second hop, touch free foot to side, on third hop, click free foot aginst hopping heel (1&2), hold (&)
5 1-2 Do three step turn moving to your R, starting with R foot (1&2), clap (&)
6 1-2 Repeat measure 5 with opposite footwork and direction. You should end up back in front of your partner.
7 1-2 Holding your partner's R hand, step on R foot in place (1), step on L foot in front of R foot (uh), step on R foot in place (&), step on L foot next to R foot (2), step on R foot in front of L foot (uh), step on L foot in place (&)
8 1-2 With three steps, change places with your partner, woman going under man's R arm (1&2)
9-12 Repeat measures 5-8. You should end up in original position.

This dance is frequently done as a mixer. In measure 10, (repeating measure 6), as you do your turn to the L, do it in place. The person you are in front of is your new partner.

For a fascinating history of Korobushka, plus the notes for other versions of the dance, see Folk Dance Problem Solver - 1988,  put out by Society of Folk Dance Historians

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