Hora Hadera - Israel

Choreographed by Yankele Levy

Circle Dance, arms in Zemer Atik position (L hand on own L shoulder, palm up and R hand resting on L palm of person in front of you. Meter 4/4

Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-4 Facing LOD, step forward on R foot (1), step forward on L foot (2), step forward on R foot (3), step forward on L foot (4).
2 1-4 Touch R heel forward (1), hold (2), step back on R foot (3), step on L foot in place
3-8 Repeat measures.
4 1-4 Repeat measure 3 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction while lowering arms back into V-position.
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4
Part II
1 1-4 (Grapevine step to L) Facing center, step on R foot across L foot (1), step on L to L (2), step on R foot behind L foot (3), step on L foot to L (4).
2 1-4 Face L, bend forward slightly and take four running steps in RLOD.
3 Straighten up and repeat measure 1.
4 1-4 Standing very straight, stamp R foot without taking weight (1), hold (2), stamp R foot again (3), hold (4).
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4.

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