Hopak - Ukraine

Couples in a circle facing center, man on left. Arms in V-Position. Meter 2/4

Steps are the same for men and women.

Count Step
1-2 Stamp R, Hold
3-16 Repeat counts 1-2 seven times
17-18 Step R behind L, Leap on L to left
19-32 Repeat counts 17-18 seven times
33-34 Step forward on R, Step forward on L
35-36 Step forward on R, (during these three steps, raise arms), Step forward on L and clap hands
37-40 Repeat counts 33-36, stepping back out of circle and lowering arms. Do not clap hands.
41-48 Repeat counts 33-40 On count 40, face partner and get into Czardas position. (Right arm around partner's waist, L arm held up and to the side. Right foot next to partner's right foot.)
49-64 Swing. At end of count 64, man should end up on the right side of the woman. Dance then starts again with everyone having a new partner.
This is the way I learned the dance. Most of the notes I have seen, however, have the dancer taking weight on count 15, and doing counts 17-32 by leaping on the L foot to the left and then stepping behind it with the R foot.

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