Hamelech Nimrod - Israel

Choreographed by Marco Ben-Shimon

Circle, no hands. Meter 4/4

Count Step
Part I
1-4 Facing center, slide R foot to R, close L to R, slide R foot to R (1&2), cross L foot over R (3), hop on L, turning 1/4 turn to L to face in RLOD
5-8 Repeat counts 1-3 going towards center, step on R foot in place (8)
9-12 Repeat counts 1-2 with opposite footwork, heading out of circle, two step 3/4 turn ending facing center
13-14 Fall on R foot in place, cross L over R
15-16 Repeat counts 13-14
Part II
1-2 Two step turn to R, end facing center
3-4 Slide R foot to R, close L to R, slide R foot to R(3&4)
5-6 Cross L foot over R, Step on R foot, pivoting to face out of circle
7-8 Repeat counts 3-4 with opposite footwork in opposite direction
9-12 Grapevine step to L, starting with R foot crossing over L
13-16 Cross R foot over L, turning to face center, step on L in place, touch R foot next to L, clap
Part III
1-2 Step on R foot in front of L, step on L foot in front of R (these should be running steps)
3-4 Continue into center with R-Close-R (3&4)
5 Repeat count 2
6-7 Repeat counts 3-4
8 Repeat count 2
9-10 Take two running steps back out of circle
&11 Hop on L foot, step back on R foot
1 2 Step back on L foot
&13 Hop on L foot, step back on R foot
14 Step back on L foot
15-28 Repeat counts 1-14

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