Dror Yikra - Israel

Choreographed by Eliyahu Gamliel - 1970

Open circle, arms in V-Position. Meter 2/4

This dance uses the following steps: Grapevine, Left Yemenite, Right Yemenite.

Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-2 Facing center, step on R foot to R (1), step on L foot behind R foot (2).
2 1-2 Do one Grapevine to the R (1&2&).
3 1-2 Do one R Yemenite (1&2).
4-6 Repeat measures 1-3 in opposite direction with opposite footwork.
7 1-2 Lightly stamp R foot (1), lightly stamp R foot again (2).
8-14 Repeat measures 1-7. At the end of measure 14, drop hands.
Part II
1 1-2 Facing center step forward on R foot (1), hop on R foot (&), step forward on L foot (2). While doing this measure, bring arms diagonally forward and have them describe a circle (clockwise for the R arm, counterclockwise for the L arm), ending with the arms crossed at the wrists in front of the chest.
2 Repeat measure 1.
3 1-2 Do one Right Yemenite (1&2).
4 1-2 Do one Left Yemenite (1-2).
5 1 Lightly stamp R foot (1). Note: This measure only has one beat.
6 1-2 Step back on R foot (1), step forward on L foot (&), step forward on R foot (2), hop on R foot (&).
7 1-2 Go down on R knee with bent L leg forward. At the same time cross arms at wrist and bring them to R side of body at chest height, snapping fingers (1), bring crossed arms to L side of body and snap fingers (2).
8 Stay on knee and repeat armwork of measure 7.
9-10 Quickly get up onto L foot and repeat measures 3-4, but moving slightly backwards as you do the Yemenite steps.
11-12 Make a four step clockwise turn over R shoulder, one step per beat. Snap fingers on each beat in crossed wrist position in front of chest.
13-24 Repeat measures 1-12.

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