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Dance introduced by:  
Formation: Line
Starting arm position: V-Position
Meter: 2/4
Steps used:  
The lines are long lines and during the dance the leaders at either end will snake the lines around the room.
Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-2 Facing to the R and bending forward, Step on R foot forward (1), step on L foot forward (&), step on R foot forward (2), hold (&).
2 Straighten up and repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork.
3-16 Repeat measures 1-2 seven more times.
Part II
1 1-2 [skipping step] Step forward on R foot (1), hop on R foot (&), step forward on L foot (2), hop on L foot (&)
2-8 Repeat measure 1 seven more times.
9-16 Pivot to face L, and repeat measures 1-8 in opposite direction

In the two recordings that I have done this dance to, the dance is done three times. The third time, Part I only lasts for eight measures instead of sixteen.


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