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Formation: Couples in a circle, W on the L
Starting arm position: V-Position
Meter: 4/4
Steps used: Cha-Cha Step
Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-4 Step forward on R foot towards center of circle (1), step forward on L foot (2), step forward on R foot (3), kick L foot forward.
2 Repeat measure 1 walking backwards with opposite footwork.
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2. At the end of measure two pivot on L foot to face L.
Part II
1 1-4 Facing L, do two Cha-Cha steps.
2 Repeat measure 1. At the end, pivot on L foot over R shoulder, to face R.
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2. At end of measure 4, pivot to face center.
Part III
1 M pulls W around into ballroom position, and partners swing for rest of measure.
2-4 Keep swinging. At the end of measure 4, face to R and get into promenade position (M R arm around W waist, W L hand resting on M R shoulder, free arms hanging by side).
Part IV
1 1-4 Facing R, do two Cha-Cha steps .
2-4 Repeat measure 1 three more times. At the end, face center. The W will now be on the R of the man, and the dance will repeat with everyone dancing with a new partner.



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