Bannielou Lambaol

Dance introduced by:  
Formation: Line, with leader at L end.
Starting arm position: W-Position, little fingers joined
Meter: 2/4
Steps used  
Measure Count Step
1 1-2 Facing center, step on L foot to L (1), close R foot to L foot (2). During this measure, arms circle forward one time.
2-3   Repeat measure 1 two times.
4 1-2 Step on L foot to L (1), touch R foot next to L foot (2). Arms continue circling.
5 1-2 Touch R foot forward (1), touch R foot next to L foot (&), touch R foot forward (2), step on R foot next to L foot (&). Arms follow R foot.
6   Repeat measure 4.
7   Repeat measure 5
7-8   Repeat measure 1

There is a short pause after each time through the dance.


Bob Shapiro
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Copyright © 1996, Robert B. Shapiro
Revised December 17, 2003