Angelovata - Bulgaria

Dance introduced by: Jaap Leegwater
Formation: Line
Starting arm position: W-Position
Meter: The dance is a râčenica, so the rhythm is 7/8 counted as 2+2+3, notated as QQS.
Steps used  
Styling This râčenica is from Severnjaško (North Bulgaria). The steps are light and bouncy.
Other notes
Measure Count Step
1 QQS Facing center, step forward on L foot (QQ), bounce on L foot (S)
2 QQS Step backward on R foot (QQ), bounce on R foot (S)
3 Repeat measure 2 on L foot
4 QQS Bounce on L foot, while moving R foot towards the R (Q), step to the R on R foot (Q), step on L foot next to R foot (S)
5 Repeat measure 4
6 QQS Facing LOD, small leap forward on R foot (Q), Step on L foot next to R foot (Q), Step on R foot forward (S)
7 Repeat measure 6 with opposite footwork
8 QQ Facing center, leap on R foot to R while swinging R arms down
S Step on L foot behind R foot
9 QQS Step on R foot forward while swinging arms forward (QQ), bounce on R foot and lift L foot slightly, at the same time swinging arms into W-position (S)



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