Ajde Noga Za Nogama - Croatia

Dance introduced by:  
Formation: Open Circle
Starting arm position: Escort Position
Meter: 2/4
Steps used  
Other notes
Measure Count Step
1 1-2 Facing diagonally L moving clockwise on circle, step forward on L foot (1), step on R foot across L foot (2).
2   Repeat measure 1.
3 1-2 Facing center, step on L foot in place (1), touch R foot next to L foot (2).
4 1-2 Step back on R foot (1), touch L foot in place (2).
Variation, to be put in at each dancer's whim.
4 1-2 Step on R foot next to L foot (1), step on L foot next to R foot (&), step on R foot in place (2).



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