Ajde Jano - Serbia

Dance introduced by: Anatol Joukowsky
Formation: Open Circle
Starting arm position: W-Position
Meter: 7/8, counted as 3+2+2, notated as SQQ
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Measure Count Step
1 SQQ Facing slightly to the R of center and moving in LOD, step forward on R foot (S), step forward on L foot (QQ).
2 SQQ Step on R foot forward (S), step on L foot forward (Q), step on R foot forward (Q).
3 SQQ While raising arms slowly into W position, step on L foot slightly towards center and turn to face center (S), raise the R leg (knee bent) in front of the L leg (QQ).
4 SQQ Step on R foot in front of L foot (S), Touch L foot forward, while bending R knee. During this measure start to lower arms slowly into V-position (QQ).
5 SQQ Still facing center and continuing to lower arms slowly back into V position, step backward onto L foot (S), step backward on R foot (Q), step on L foot next to R foot (Q). During the two quick beats, turn to face diagonally R.
 Dance repeats to end of music

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